Chapter 3: Growing Up: Donald J. Trump’s Art Of The Deal Book Chapter Summary.

In Chapter 3 of his book, “The Art Of The Deal,” President Trump tells us that he learned a lot from his father; lesson’s that have a huge baring on the way he conducts his own business, today. He acknowledges, too, that some of his “sense of showmanship” came from his mother. However, while his story of growing up with a tough down to earth dad, a mom with “a flair for the dramatic” and four other siblings is all very interesting; it’s the things he learned from his father that are most relevant to us all regarding, “The Art Of The Deal.”

  • Competence and efficiency must walk hand in hand.
  • The only way to ever truly be good at something is to, “Love doing it.”
  • You can successfully stand your ground with people of authority if you show respect for them, “And their authority.”
  • Learn what everything costs “before” negotiating a deal.
  • Pointing out the positives you bring to the negotiating table as a byer of services can influence the cost of said service, in “your” favor.

These are the items which stood out to me in Chapter 3 of President Donald J. Trump’s book, “The Art Of The Deal.” There are folks who would probably talk about some of the other things in President Trump’s background, which the book does cover. “However,” the bulleted list above carries those lessons Fred Trump taught his son, which I felt would be most helpful in understanding the conduct of our Commander and Chief; significantly benefiting anyone wishing to improve their negotiating skills, as well.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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