Chapter 1: Dealing: A Week In The Life: Donald J. Trump’s Art Of The Deal Book Chapter Summary.

In this first chapter of, “The Art Of The Deal,” by our United States President, Donald J. Trump; We discover right off the bat that he enjoys negotiating. In fact; Mr. Trump makes it clear that negotiating is a fine art; requiring just as much creativity as writing music or painting a picture.

Personally; living with blindness has forced me to do a bit of rather creative negotiating in my own life, as well, just to survive. So, “Yeah,” I must totally agree with The Donald here. “Negotiation certainly is an art form all its own.”

“Anyhow…” In reading chapter one of Donald’s book we learn quite a bit about how he rolls on a day to day bases. But we also discover a lot of philosophies governing Donald’s life which we can easily apply to our own.

Useful personal and professional pointers to live by; principles that may possibly lead to a happy, creative and productive life for all of us:

  • Keep meetings to a minimum over the course of a single day; short and productively sweet being the ideal.
  • Keep business calls, and other electronic communications, short and productive.
  • Holding a grudge against those who oppose you is pointless, as their special talents could be useful to you down the line.
  • When it comes to associating with other people; hang with the winners.
  • When it comes to business; stick with the things you actually know about.
  • Be decisive in your decisions and actions.
  • Always listen to your gut.
  • Consider “all” available options in dealing with “any” situation.
  • Know that sometimes the best deals in life are the ones you never make.
  • Learn from the past; mistakes and all.
  • Plan for the future by focusing on the present.
  • Know that talking to your own kids is one of the most important things you’ll ever do personally and professionally.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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