Introduction: Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power Of Positive Thinking Book Chapter Summary.

In writing The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale’s intention was not to give us a guide on how to become famous, get rich quick or gain power. However, if you were to guess that his intention was to give us a road map to follow, based in Christian Teachings from the bible, so that we may overcome obstacles, draw strength from our failures and lead a fulfilling life, you’d have guessed correctly!

In his book Peale shows us practical spiritual formulas and principles for dealing with a variety of situations that life sends our way. These formulas and principles include suggestions on how one may improve their physical health plus overall emotional wellbeing. However, you should keep in mind that if you are experiencing health or psychological problems no formula written in any book should ever be used as a substitute for a Certified Health Professional. Wow! That almost reads like a legal disclaimer doesn’t it?

The topics covered include but are not limited to things along the lines of: how to trust yourself more, how a calm mind can actually create more positive energy for you, how to sustain that positive power in your life and how to deal with emotional hurts. There are suggestions on how to manage people in this book as well! Don’t go off thinking that these are the only things covered in this book though! They are only the main points of interest! Yes! There’s more!

Tired of the daily grind of living? Looking for a way to break the cycle by being willing to make a change in your own mindset? Does the idea of trading in your present existence for a life filled with more joy, power and enhanced personal efficiency based on scientifically proven techniques from Peale’s book, “The Power Of Positive Thinking,” appeal to you?

What? Did you just say, “Yes?”

Alrighty Then! Keep Reading!


Author: Brian Schnabel

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