Chapter 8: I Don’t Believe In Defeat: Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power Of Positive Thinking Book Chapter Summary.

Obstacles were made to be removed and can be if you’ve got the right mindset. Go around them! If not, go over them! If not, go under them! If that doesn’t work than, just plow right on through them!

Of course, Peale informs us in this chapter that sometimes all that is required of us is that we simply just stand up to our obstacles. He tells us that if you stand up to them and let them break over you (so to speak) you will have destroyed them. This will leave the path ahead to your goal quite clear.

Even the very words you say can impact your attitude towards yourself and what you believe you can accomplish. For example, “I’m probably going to be late”, stated in general conversation enough times on a regular basis will more than likely cause you to be late to a lot of your engagements.

Obstacles are more or less mental. Peale tells us that it is true that there may be real obstacles in your life. But he also says here that because you have to mentally process them it is your attitude combine with faith that determines whether or not they stay permanent. If you adopt a, “through Christ all things are possible” type of attitude you will tap into a power that will by and large, make all things possible!

Author: Brian Schnabel

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