Chapter 5: How To Create Your Own Happiness: Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power Of Positive Thinking Book Chapter Summary.

In this chapter we start off discovering that there are only two choices you have in the morning when you get up. Be happy or don’t be happy! However the author doesn’t deny that where love is found it tends to make for the happiest moments in one’s life.

Peale points out that even in the Bible Jesus suggests that happiness is created by having a child-like spirit in your heart and mind. He writes that if you can maintain your view of the world from a youthful perspective and avoid becoming overly sophisticated it goes a long way towards greater happiness.

This chapter of the book points out, too, that you don’t really need to manufacture unhappy thoughts because outside influences do that for you already. However it is also noted that if you make it a habit to be happy your happiness will be less diluted by outside negative forces in the world.

Peale gives suggestions of how you can start off your day being happy. Upon waking, picture each thing you are going to do during the day going well. He points out that if you do this with enough faith things will happen the way you see them happening. He also encourages affirming to yourself, as you get up and ready to start your day that things are going to go well.

You can say to yourself “there won’t be anything that happens that I can’t handle”. Or you can say affirming, positive statements found in the Bible.

This chapter tells us that if we practice loving others this also helps to uplift us in turn. This is because of the positive response we get from those people due to our random act of kindness. Peale also says to make up a list of positive things and recite it to yourself a few times a day in addition to the other things already suggested here. This will help you drive out the negative thoughts that could otherwise be plaguing your mind, both consciously and subconsciously.

Finally, at the close of this chapter, Peale states that you can be happier by surrounding yourself with positive people. These would be people feeling good about themselves and those around them. Peale also points out that by asking God for help, ideas can come to you about how to deal with certain situations that are troubling. He tells us, too, that through prayer, extra energy can be found in order to do those things you didn’t feel you had the physical strength within you to do before.

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