Chapter 3: How To Have Constant Energy: Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power Of Positive Thinking Book Chapter Summary.

In this chapter we are told that the mind controls how your body feels. In short, if you tell yourself you are tired, you will be tired! But if you choose to believe you have the resources and support you need you will not be tired!

Peale talks about how God is the source of all energy. He tells us here that if one is constantly mentally connected with God than one will have more energy to go about their business. Here we learn, too, that if we maintain a good balance in the areas of our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing these three aspects of ourselves will work together in harmony. This in turn will cause us to be more energized with an extra bonus! We’ll experience greater overall efficiency in our day to day lives. Pretty cool, ha?

In this chapter of, “The Power of Positive Thinking,” it is stated that fear, resentment, obsession, etc. is what breaks our connection with infinite energy. However, if we relax we can more easily remain connected with infinite energy.

We also read in Peale’s book that if one is enthusiastic about something they tend to have more energy because they are doing what they are passionate about. We are told that if our life is dull we will be tired and in some cases may even become sick.

Peale writes that if you are to achieve greater energy in your life than you will have to correct your emotional faults. He says that people who lack energy are usually disorganized to one degree or another because of their psychological conflicts. Also hate will certainly block energy should you choose to harbor it. Not only can negative emotions, like fear and guilt, sap energy in general, but can also rob someone of restful sleep. This in turn will contribute to having less energy until the source of these negative emotions is discovered and dealt with.

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