Chapter 16: Prescription For Heartache: Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power Of Positive Thinking Book Chapter Summary.

Peale talks in this chapter about how heartache can affect you physically in a negative way but is really only an emotional or spiritual pain. This is not to say that it is a bad thing but certainly can be if one allows it to take over them completely.

It is okay to yield to grief (heartache is an expression of grief). Crying is a normal and natural part of the process. It is rather unhealthy, as well as unnatural, to suppress the tears that should be allowed to come when we feel grief, regardless of what society may think and teach about the matter these days.

Succumbing to tears is only an issue when it gets to a point when you are in a tearful state way more often than what the situation may warrant. In that case it may be wise to seek some help. But, in the “normal” scheme of things, crying is permissible and allowable when in association with heartache.

Some ways of managing your heartache are talked about in this chapter, too. They include; staying physically active, working mentally and physically on worthwhile projects and keeping things as normal as possible with regard to your daily routine.

There is a tendency of people who have lost a spouse to avoid friends, associates, places and sometimes family members that they used to visit with their significant other while they were alive. The memories brought up by visiting these people and places after they’ve lost their loved one are too painful. Doing this is not really a good idea or the recommended way to go because it is isolating behavior. It gives way more control to the heartache they are experiencing in their life than what is necessary.

In the case of heartache brought on by death, Peale tells us that it is evidenced in the teachings of the Bible that there is life after death. We can take some comfort in that and also in believing that the dead never truly leave us which is also Peale’s personal belief. Peale tells us that there are plenty of stories to support this fact and that parapsychology is gaining validity in the scientific community.

Luke 24: 5: “Why seek ye the living amongst the dead?” Peale tells us that when it comes to mourning the passing of loved ones that you should read the Bible because it plainly tells about the immortality of the soul and God’s goodness. In short, when it comes to dealing with heartache spiritually, make prayer or meditation and the practice of faith a lifelong habit and you will overcome many things, including heartache.

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