Chapter 14: Relax For Easy Power: Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power Of Positive Thinking Book Chapter Summary.

Are you taking drugs just to sleep? How’s the natural restorative process of the body supposed to work like that?

A staggering number of Americans are taking medication just to get a good night’s sleep. Peale explains that he himself has noticed that he hasn’t put people in his church to sleep with a sermon in years. He feels that it is largely due to the fact that folks are just so keyed up it’s impossible for them to relax.

Where is he getting his information about the amount of medication usage just for sleeping? From drug company executives and Doctors, just to mention two groups of professionals that certainly would be in the know!

Want to learn to relax? Find out why you have trouble relaxing. If you don’t know why you are unable to relax, it’s just not going to happen! The why is very important.

If you are prone to do stupid things it’s kind of hard to stop doing them if you don’t know the trigger that makes you do them. It’s the same idea behind not being able to relax. Find the answer to that and you will begin to work out a plan for stopping what’s happening in your life that causes you unrest. If you can figure it out you will be better able to manage stress at the very least.

Unrest leads to dis ease which is otherwise known as disease!

Getting in the habit of doing everything more slowly and without feeling pressured is one way to overcome the kind of stress that will prevent you from relaxing. Getting in tune with your Higher Power or God is another effective way to take the edge off your day.

Some folks do this as a couple by sharing a period of prayer or meditation each day. Other folks take the time alone. It doesn’t matter how you do this. You don’t have to do it with anyone if you don’t want to. The idea here is that you take the time to get in tune with God which automatically requires you to relax your mind and body. Peale notes that those who make the time to do this on a daily basis are extremely efficient at their work and other areas of their life.

Peale points out that there are any number of times in an average day when you can take time to relax and pray or meditate. It could be while sitting in traffic, waiting for an appointment or even during down time while experiencing some other type of delay. He points out in this chapter that it is not the amount of time that you take to do this but the quality of it.

The more relaxed you are the better you can perform tasks and even handle stressful situations. From a position of calm it is very easy to remain friendly, think clearly and work toward a resolution even when the people you are dealing with are hostile.

Draw your energy from God, or Higher Power, and then allow it to return back to God again so that it may be renewed.

Taking yourself too seriously, trying to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, trying to do everything at once, is a sure fire way to cause yourself more stress and less efficiency in your life. If you choose to like your work then the work you do will be much easier to perform. The more knowledge you can acquire about the work you are doing the less stressed and better off you’ll be. After all, knowledge is power!

Practice staying relaxed and taking things as they come along. The tenser you are the less you will be able to accomplish or manage.

Don’t put off work that could be done today simply because you don’t feel like doing it. A job becomes much harder to perform when you are working at it from behind the eight ball. In short, keep up with your work and don’t be a slacker!

Take on your Higher Power or God as a silent partner. He’s pretty good at your job, too, especially since he’s responsible for putting you here in the first place. As you maintain a relaxed state, going about your business, you’ll easily be more able to pick up on the insights which come into your mind from him on how to best complete your tasks.

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