Chapter 11: How To Use Faith In Healing: Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power Of Positive Thinking Book Chapter Summary.

Imagine what the cost of medical care would be if only more people had faith! Do you believe that faith, the acceptance of your Higher Power or God, can heal you physically? There is some pretty strong evidence that it can!

Peale points out that since religion deals with how one feels and the thoughts they have, it is only natural to assume that religion and health should be closely related. Does the phrase, “mind-body connection” have any particular meaning to you? If it does than you are in luck because that’s a pretty big part of what we are talking about right here!

Harboring feelings of hate and bitterness can have a serious impact on your health. This can lead to some serious medical complications and issues that cannot be corrected by medical science alone. However, Peale talks about instances where folks made the decision to let go of their feelings of hate, bitterness and anger. They replaced them with feelings and thoughts of forgiveness along with understanding and their conditions improved dramatically. Yes, they healed because they did this!

Some doctors have already come to understand that a lot of their patients do not need medication to heal their body but do need to change the way they think in their minds. He tells us that there is evidence to suggest that high blood pressure is actually caused by a person’s fear of the future. According to Peale; there is also evidence to suggest that diabetes is caused by a person’s inability to let go of the disappointments of the past, along with the past itself.

If it is the plan of God that a person shall continue to live than the formula of medical, psychological and spiritual administrations together will prove to be highly effective. We’re all going to have to leave this place called Earth sooner or later. Someone’s time here may come to an end whether we are ready for them to go or not.

Factors present that seem to bring about healing for many people who have experienced it through faith are; A willingness to surrender themselves completely to their God or Higher Power, a desire to be cleansed in their soul of all errors, faith in modern medical science plus the healing power of God, a willingness to accept the final decision of their Higher Power or God without any anger or resentment of God’s will and a unquestioning faith that God can heal them. These people who have experienced a healing through faith have reported a sense that a positive physical change occurred within them and described feelings of warmth, joy, beauty, plus a sense of release or light passing through them to accompany this sense of having been healed.

It is important to pray not only for ourselves, or perhaps even a loved one we wish to be healed with all of our heart, but for the physician providing care for us or our loved one. Why? Because God works through them on our behalf, too! From this we can easily conclude that God, or Universal Higher Power, can work through other people to bring you answers to questions, help when you need it and even healing, in part or full.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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