Chapter 1: Believe In Yourself: Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power Of Positive Thinking Book Chapter Summary.

Is self-doubt one of the main problems in your life? Do you find yourself second guessing your abilities? Is this feeling of inadequacy standing in your way of enjoying more success socially, financially or in general? Well, Peale gives us some pointers as to how we can overcome this in Chapter One of his book, “The Power of Positive Thinking!”

Understand, to figure out where feelings of inadequacy and feelings of powerlessness come from, one is going to have to sit down and do some honest assessment of their life. It is helpful if you can understand where these feelings originated. For some folks this may require the assistance of a therapist. However, there is one short term solution that Peale offers which may help an individual to clear an immediate hurdle successfully.

Philippians: 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!”

To get the ball rolling, repeat the above verse as an Affirmation to yourself several times whenever and where ever you can do so safely. Say it with a feeling of conviction. Say it and mean it!

Repeating an affirmation such as this several times after you get into bed to go to sleep will be a big help also. Repeat it again three times upon waking and then three more times just before confronting the hurdle you face, with a feeling of conviction. You may not necessarily come out victorious in dealing with whatever it is you were originally feeling anxious about facing but you will certainly have the strength to face it, regardless of the outcome.

Peale points out in this chapter that Prayer is important and that it is illustrated in Matthew: 9:29: of the Bible through the statement, “Your faith be it unto you!” He tells us that this statement means that the bigger and deeper into your self-doubts your prayer goes the more likely it is to be answered!

We also discover in this chapter that negative thinking about ourselves can be corrected by repetitively driving positive ideas and suggestions of confidence into our minds via written statements we can read aloud or commit to memory. Basically, a mind full of negative ideas can be taught to think more positively through reading positive material and the action of consciously filling it with positive thoughts. It is written in this part of, “The Power of Positive Thinking,” too, that this can be accomplished while going about your daily business. But, that’s not all!

Peale talks to us through his book about how it is very helpful to list the assets we have during times when it would seem that all is lost. If we can list what we have during our times of seeming defeat it helps us to see the truth. What does Mr. Peale tell us that truth is? It’s actually quite simple. “All is not lost!”

He also suggests that you can improve your self-confidence by affirming, believing and visualizing that God is with you, helping you and guiding you. He tells us that what we affirm, believe in and visualize in our mind has a greater likelihood of becoming our new reality.

In this part of his book and other places; Peale talks about the benefits of a confident attitude for all of us, too. He talks about how when you have a positive, confident attitude it seems to draw, “Good,” in your direction. Instead of us constantly having to seek what we want, what we want is drawn to us!

In short, what he is suggesting in this chapter is this: Picture yourself as succeeding no matter how bad things seem to be at the moment. Never question the reality of this because if you do it will lead to more failure.

When negative thoughts come to mind cancel them out with positive ones and whatever you do only see obstacles for what they are without building them up in your imagination.

No one is as unique or as good as you so don’t try measuring up to others as they are only as half as good as you think they are and you are twice as good as you think. Remember that God is with you so place yourself in his hands.

If you feel you need a councilor to figure out why you are having difficulty with your self-confidence than by all means get one. Also, make an honest assessment of the abilities you have and then multiply that assessment by ten and believe in that image of yourself.

Finally, believe yourself to be in God’s hands and allow yourself to feel his energy flowing through you, helping you!

Author: Brian Schnabel

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