Chapter 2F: Breaking Free Of Negative Sexual Beliefs: Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

When it comes to overcoming your own personal sex saboteurs; one of the best things you could do is journaling. Try writing down all your beliefs about sex and yourself sexually.

Write down everything that you can think of. Include stuff you’ve been told by friends, family and sexual partners.

After you’ve done this look at everything you’ve written; separating it into groups of positive and negative. Did I mention that, “It probably will be easiest to do this using a computer?”

“Now,” take your list of negative beliefs or statements and replace them with the positive beliefs and statements you prefer. For example: “Enjoying sex is immoral,” could be replaced with, “Enjoyable sex is part of a psychologically balanced person’s life.”

Try to keep your positive statements under ten words if you can. They are easier to remember that way.

Then, taking your positive statements and putting them places where you will see them regularly; repeat them to yourself a few times daily. “And,” in case you were wondering, the answer is, “Yes!” Things will begin to change if you stick with it.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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