Chapter 2E: The Top 4 Sex Saboteurs: Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

Here in this part of, “More Hot Sex,” Tracey Cox shares with us the four influences that contribute to the quality of one’s sex life. As per Cox; These influences are…

  • Ex-boyfriends or girlfriends.
  • Favorite TV characters.
  • The friends you have.
  • The family who brought you up.

If your ex was complementary towards you in the bedroom; you’re clearly ok. However, if they degraded your bedroom performance than chances are pretty good that you’ve probably been effected by that and might even need to do some work to build up your sexual confidence again.

Where TV Characters are concerned; one must always remember that TV sex isn’t real sex. If you question this; just try having sex without getting your hair messed up. Real sex is anything but flawless; esthetically and otherwise.

Your friends, for the most part, aren’t exactly the people who will give you an accurate image of what sex really is and isn’t. This might come as a shock to you. But, when it comes to sex, if you are struggling, “Where do you think your friends are at?”

As per Tracey; your friends are most likely to exaggerate the up side of their own sex life, if not the downside of it. If it’s the choice between asking a friend for sex advice, trolling the internet for tips, and buying a good sex book written by a respected author, “Choose the book.”

If your parents didn’t really display that much affection towards each other in front of you, or treated sex like a dirty little secret, this will certainly influence your sexual performance in bed, “To this day.” This is, of course, unless you’ve taken steps to turn the negative messages they sent you about sex into positive ones. Again; as mentioned in other places in this summarization of Tracey Cox’s book, a therapist might be helpful in overcoming family inspired sexual negativity.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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