Chapter 2D: The Passion Assassins: Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

Tracey Cox tells us in this part of her Original work, “More Hot Sex,” that our brain is the largest erogenous zone our body has. In fact; she tells us that this is an understatement because of the way our mind influences how good we are in bed, at so many levels.

Tracey tells us that everything we’ve heard about sex and experienced sexually in our lives, up to this moment, has left an indelible imprint on the mind. This means that based on what we’ve heard from others, plus what we’ve experienced, will have shaped our attitudes about sex; some of which we probably aren’t even conscious of. Depending upon all that we’ve heard and experienced; we could be inhibited in ways we are totally un aware of.

Can we fix things; if we find our outlook on sex, conscious or subconscious, is negative? We most certainly can. Depending upon who you talk to, or which books you choose to read, there are plenty of options, as to how this can be done.

Me personally; I like affirmations for changing my negative automatic responses regarding… Well… Anything that comes up. “However,” I understand that some things can only be dealt with under the guidance of a mental health professional, even where sex is concerned. So, if you aren’t sure about how to change the negatives in your life to positives, even just a onetime chat with a licensed therapist might prove helpful to you.

For some reason; Tracey Cox says in her book that there are two components to a woman’s mind when it comes to working out sexual negativity. She says that, even though women might know certain sexual behaviors are cool intellectually, a woman may still have trouble accepting the same said sexual behaviors emotionally. She implies that most men don’t seem to have this trouble.

So, if I’m getting this write, when it comes to a woman; the retraining of her thoughts must be treated separately from her emotions? Really? And, how the hell does one do that, especially since there is so much material out there that clearly indicates that it’s our subconscious mind that runs much of the show, “For everyone?”

So, “yeah,” I think this suggested split in a woman’s mind between her emotions and intellectual processing capabilities is a load of crap. I feel this way because I myself have learned to control my emotional and physical reactions in certain situations, via affirmation and actual practice. I’ve found that, if you can get something imbedded in the mind, to the point of it being an automatic response on a physiological level, negative emotions change to positive as a part of the package. Of course, that’s probably just because I’m a man so…

“Anyhow,” now that I’m done ranting… We now return to the continuation of Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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