Chapter 2C: How To Appear Better In Bed To A Man Instantly: Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

No matter how creative and physically fit you might be; I think we all know that there are only a handful of different positions for intercourse couples can get into, “Without risking a trip to the Emergency Room.” If it seems to you like there are many more… Well… Think, “Variation of a standard,” and you get the idea quick enough.

“Anyhow,” Tracey Cox’s suggestion for any woman desiring to appear better in bed instantly is to pick an impressive position, that will seem complicated to your companion. But, in reality, this position should be something that is pleasantly easy on, “Both you and your partner.”

Personally; I’m thinking that what Tracey is really trying to convey here is, “Pick a position in which both of you will be able to easily get off in,” and it will make for a very good sexual experience. It might even be true that this is the best way to impress your partner, especially early on in a relationship. Just keep in mind though; effectively pulling something like this off will require a bit of knowledge of how your own body works.

“Also,” remember that taking too much control early on in a sexual relationship might be threatening to some men. While there will be confident men out there who love it when a woman takes control; the Neanderthals in the crowd get nervous; seeing a woman taking charge sexually as a threat to their masculinity.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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