Chapter 2B: 15 Common Carnal Sins Men And Women Commit: Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

Tracey gives us a list of the most common mistakes men and women make regarding sex. These common mistakes involve approaching sex with the mindset that…

  1. A man has a stronger sex drive than a woman does.
  2. Women “only” want slow, hot steamy loving sex; way more than lusty sex.
  3. A man can’t be as perverse as a woman when it comes to sexual desires, or, walking around with the attitude that men are sexual pigs and women are not.
  4. Women can only, and should only, orgasm during intercourse.
  5. A bigger penis gives women more pleasure.
  6. Sex without intercourse as not having sex at all.
  7. It’s impressive to change position often during sexual intercourse.
  8. Women can’t possibly enjoy sex unless they have an orgasm.
  9. Men should always be ready for and want sex.
  10. Sex is over once a man ejaculates.
  11. Sex is just sex to a man.
  12. Sexual satisfaction is determined by physical appearance.
  13. Amazing sex doesn’t ever require giving direction.
  14. Trying new things sexually is bad.

One final important show stopping mindset preventing folks from having enjoyable sex; the belief that the best sex is spontaneous. Tracey Cox tells us in, “More Hot Sex,” to never underestimate the eroticism which scheduled sex brings to the table; expectation flipping the switch for a couple, when the moment finally arrives.

Of course, the best thing to really do here, especially if you identify with one or more items on the above list, is to clear the stereotypes from your mind and treat your partner as you would expect to be treated. “Like a person.” After all, even sexually, each of us is different in some way.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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