Chapter 1P: Why Men Treat You Badly: Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

Do men treat you badly? Tracey Cox says quite plainly in More Hot Sex that, “Confident women don’t attract bad boys.” She tells us hear that if you are one who is prone to play doormat, “Men will use you like a doormat.” If you treat a man like the enemy, “He will act like an enemy.” But, if you are confident and clear about what you want, “He’ll treat you just fine.”

Obviously; this probably goes without saying but… If you are a woman who approaches men in a warm friendly manner and at least try to give them the benefit of the doubt, “Men just might actually gravitate towards you. But, if you are constantly looking to find fault with a man… Well… Most of us tend to get back from people what we radiate towards them. Think, “The world is my mirror,” and you’ll get the idea.

Chapter 1Q: Sex For Singles: Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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