Chapter 1I: 5 Good Reasons To Stop Panicking About Finding Mr. Right: Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

Are you a woman concerned about finding Mr. Right? Are you worried that he’s never going to turn up in your life, or, it will be too late when he does? Well… Tracey Cox seems to feel that the news isn’t all bad.

According to Tracey Cox’s book, More Hot Sex:

  1. Some of the best sex that a woman will ever have probably won’t be with anyone they love.
  2. Not settling for just anyone and enjoying that which comes along in the meantime is a good thing. She points out that this is because, when you finally do meet Mr. Right, you won’t be with him out of need.
  3. Staying single longer means you will choose a life partner because you want them; having already established yourself independently.
  4. The more people you go out with the more likely you are to find that someone special who will make you happy.
  5. Ms. Cox tells us that, while there are many women who have wondered if they settled down too late, there are equally as many women who have been wondering if they didn’t settle down too early.

“True!” Tracey doesn’t say this in her book, which this summary is based upon. But if you read the above again, I’m pretty sure that you’ll see what it all really comes down to, without having a map drawn for you.

“And,” it comes down to this. You’ll find Mr. Right when God decides that it’s your time to have him. Of course, the whole reason that God may not have sent Mr. Right to you in the first place might have a lot to do with the fact that you never asked the Lord for His assistance with that aspect of your life, or any other part of it, in the first place. If you truly commit to asking the Lord, in Jesus’s name, what it is you need to do in order for Him to send Mr. Right your way, “You just might be pleasantly surprised.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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