Chapter 1H: Women Want Men To Do These Five Things In Bed: Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

“Guys!” I will grant you that some things on the list that Tracey Cox shares with us in her book, “More Hot Sex,” may require one to learn a few things. Perhaps one might even need to acquire a taste for a certain activity mentioned below. However, if you are a guy who really wants to please any woman he’s with; you’ll definitely want to get these 5 items down to the letter.

  1. Perform Cunnilingus: I know from personal experience that knowing how to do this well isn’t just an easy way to get a woman off. A woman knowing that a guy really does enjoy licking her straight into orgasm… Well… Any guy who would do this for a woman would certainly have elevated status in her eyes.
  2. Compliment her in a way that lets her know that you are at least thrilled to have gotten your hands on her body.
  3. Take your time: Give her lots of Kisses, pay attention to her breasts and tease her; making her come to you in a way. “And,” that boys is what we call, “Foreplay.”
  4. Have an orgasm: Women start to worry about their own desirability and sexual ability if a guy doesn’t cum. “Of course,” if a guy is really good with his tongue, and he doesn’t cum for any number of reasons, chances are pretty good she will be too wowed to worry about it; if she even notices at all.
  5. Let her know you enjoyed being with her when it’s all said and done at the very least. Even if it is just a one night stand; any decent man can make a genuine effort to let the woman he just shagged know that he appreciated the time he had with her.

What’s that? You’ve looked over the list Tracey has compiled for us and don’t think it’s worth bothering to make use of all the recommendations? Well… Speaking again from personal experience; I defy any man to make use of all five tips above during a tryst with his wife or girlfriend and then tell me that it isn’t a winning combination.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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