Chapter 1G: 5 Things A Man Hopes You’ll Do The First Time You Have Sex With Him: Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

While Tracey Cox is talking about the first time that you have sex with your man here; I’m pretty sure that most of us guys wouldn’t object to you doing the things she mentions every time. So, what five things are we hoping that women like you will do when we get in bed with you?

  1. Provide oral sex: most of us guys really enjoy receiving it and it lets us know you’re not all about the take.
  2. Be active: Guys really enjoy a woman who makes at least a few moves of her own.
  3. Be shameless about your body: A girl who is comfortable in her own skin is more of a turn on to be around; enhancing a guy’s pleasure during the overall experience.
  4. Let him know when he’s doing something particularly well and that you are enjoying him. “No faking!” And, if he really does need to be steered in the right direction, feel free to provide a bit of constructive guidance.
  5. Be affectionate afterword’s: letting the man you just had sex with know that it really did mean something. However, don’t become overly clingy as this tends to be a huge turn off for a lot of guys.

Keep in mind here that if you are really cool about the whole thing; you’ve got better chances of a man wanting to stay with you. But, the more you try to guide him into telling you whether or not you are going to be an item forever, the less likely it is that you will ever be any kind of a permanent item at all. In short; immerse yourself confidently in the moment, letting him feel your contentment, and you’ll have a better chance of him sticking around for a relationship.

“Also,” if you are looking for the long hall; never right off the importance of sex and the bond it provides through chemistry. Although it isn’t written in stone; it’s usually the positive chemistry that takes place during sex that will hold things together during the rough patches in a relationship.

According to Tracey; if you really don’t want to get married there’s nothing wrong with that. If you want to stay single, she says it really is ok, so long as you are clear on why you are staying single; taking care to not hurt others in the process.

In short; clearly communicate your intentions inside and outside the bedroom. If you don’t know what your intentions are, even for yourself, “Don’t get involved.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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