Chapter 1F: Sleeping With Someone On The First Date: Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

Tracey Cox suggests that, if you really do want a relationship that lasts, you put off full penetrative sex for as long as possible. This way you don’t suffer what she calls, “Lust Blindness,” which is getting so caught up in someone’s body that you don’t notice who it is you are really sleeping with until it’s too late.

Tracey explains in her book that sex is the kind of glue that keeps the unlikeliest of couples together. In short; the natural tendency is, “Once you sleep with someone you keep on sleeping with that person.”

“However,” Tracey tells us that if the one night stand is really what you want then, “Go for it.” But we’re told in this part of her book that we should make it clear as to what our true intentions are. In other words, “Keep the conversation sexual and leave the romantic speak out of the equation.” This way no one gets led on; thinking that they have a future with you when that was never in the cards to begin with.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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