Chapter 1A: Sex For Singles; Get More Of It And Make The Most Of It: Tracey Cox’s More Hot Sex Book Chapter Summary.

Being single is portrayed in society negatively; more so for women than men. Stereotypically speaking Tracey Cox starts off this chapter of her book, “More Hot Sex; How to Do it Longer, Better and Hotter than Ever,” by informing us that singles are seen as generally unhappy people.

However, Tracey tells us that the truth of the matter is, “Being single can be quite fun.” This is because one can enjoy all of the highs, sexually and otherwise; relationships usually not lasting long enough for any of the lows to kick in; many folks moving from one casual encounter to the next; intentionally sampling many sexual styles along the way.

In short; what Tracey Cox is saying is that, so long as you don’t mind giving in to your lustful desires, “Being single can be quite fun.” While she acknowledges that having a committed intimate relationship with a partner can be quite satisfying; she makes it clear that reveling in the freedoms that being single affords a person can be quite exciting; pointing out that routinely exploring new flesh can be quite the aphrodisiac for a lot of folks.

She makes it clear right off the bat that it doesn’t matter how you look. You can enjoy yourself sexually and otherwise when your single; achieving happiness with the right attitude.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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