Chapter 7D: How To Break Patterns Of Abuse: Dr. Phil’s Life Code Book Chapter Summary.

Dr. Phil tells us that children learn predominantly from the example set by the same sex parent. So, setting the right example for your son if you’re a dad and daughter if you’re a mom is important.

Very clearly; Phil lets us know that he feels single mom’s do not have the right to allow their boyfriends to move in with them. Why? He explains that it is because it drives the child abuse risk factor way up. He points out that a Mom might think that she knows her boyfriend well enough to let him move in with her. But in reality Dr. Phil seems to feel that a single mom really doesn’t know his family, friends and other people he has contact with in that stage of the relationship well enough to entrust the safety of her children to any of them in an unsupervised situation. After reading this little part of Life Code; I get the sense here, that where children are concerned, Dr. Phil would prefer that single moms either stay single or fully commit to a relationship via marriage before allowing their living situation to change.

Were you hurt as a child? Was your experience something you want to have your child experience? Dr. Phil tells us that family dysfunction in the form of abuse, molestation and other things are usually passed on from generation to generation. It only stops when someone makes a conscious decision to break the pattern. Sometimes we can do it ourselves and other times it’s just better for everyone to seek the help of a licensed professional. However, whatever choice you make, Dr. McGraw makes it very clear that you need to stop and consider how your behaviors, wants, needs and desires may or may not be in your child’s best interests. Remember! “We know children learn by example!”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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