Chapter 7A: Parenting In The Real World: Dr. Phil’s Life Code Book Chapter Summary.

Dr. Philip McGraw tells us here that the stuff he’s shared in his book, “Life Code,” is worth teaching our children at an age appropriate level. He’s not trying to tell us that we should teach our children to be paranoid though. However, Dr. Phil does point out that our kids are not growing up in the same world we live in.

With the divorce rate in the United States being something like forty percent; many kids now live in single parent environments. This makes children more vulnerable to abuse of all kinds regardless of whom they live with. McGraw shares some statistics with us here that he says show that the likelihood for abuse to a child is twenty-times higher, especially if they aren’t living in a traditional family environment.

When you and I were growing up we certainly didn’t have the internet and other technologies at our disposal that children do today. This certainly has its pluses and minuses.

Sure! If our kids run into trouble it’s much easier for them to get help now than it was years ago, thanks to cell phone technology and other devices available to us today. That’s just one example of how we’ve all become more accessible via new technology though. The downside to easy communication between family members, via the newer technologies, is that it also makes it easier for bullies and predators to communicate with our children, “Sometimes without our knowledge!”

Dr. Phil goes on a bit here about how much easier electronic access to the rest of the world is for all of us and how being a child living in a single parent home exposes them to greater risk of harm. Dr. McGraw tells us that this risk of harm is high both inside a child’s own home and out. He tells us that Right now is a tough time to grow up for children. He points out too, with new forms of communication being created all the time, the harder it’s going to get for kids to stay safe. So Mr. McGraw emphasizes the importance of being an on the ball kind of parent and keeping a close eye on our children. That point is made pretty plain and that’s even before getting into how we’ve become a more transient society. I’m pretty sure you get the picture though, “Right?”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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