Chapter 5C: The 7 Steps To Achieve A Goal Successfully: Dr. Phil’s Life Code Book Chapter Summary.

Need some help with coming up with a good plan for attaining your goal? Well, you’re in luck! Philip McGraw has given us seven points that should be covered in order to achieve our goals successfully.

  1. Be specific as to what your goal is in terms of behaviors and events. For example, “I want to find a work from home job that will enable me to get off of Social Security Disability Income Benefits!”
  2. Create a time line that will enable you to measure your goal. For example, “Take one hour each morning to find a profitable work from home job that I can perform. Then, once I’ve established, what work from home job will provide the income I need; take job, work at it and achieve my goal of getting off SSDI.”
  3. Give a clear timeline to your goal. In other words; write down how long it should take you to accomplish what you want, “Realistically!”
  4. Choose a goal you can control. Things like going back to school, getting the house cleaned out or perhaps buying a new car are all things that fall under our control reasonably well.
  5. Come up with an action plan, complete with time schedule, which will get you to your goal. I think you get the idea here, “Right?”
  6. Lay out your goal in terms of steps. You’ll be writing out a to-do list of the things that you must accomplish in order to achieve your goal. Then you’ll be setting out to accomplish each of these steps individually.
  7. Find a person that you can report your progress to in achieving your goal. If we attempt to do things all on our own it’s pretty easy to get side-tracked. So if we have someone holding us accountable for what we say we’re going to do we are more than likely going to be successful at a faster pace.

As you are doing all of this; don’t forget to consider how it will feel to accomplish your goal. Imagine what your life will be like once it’s complete and write it down!

Author: Brian Schnabel

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