Chapter 5B: Rules 1-7 Of The Sweet 16: Dr. Phil’s Life Code Book Chapter Summary.

If you are getting the impression that, “The one who does the most research and preparation work in life wins,” you’d be on the right track! From what Phil writes in this chapter of Life Code; it certainly seems to hold true in the courtroom, at the very least! So why couldn’t it work in achieving goals in all other areas of our lives?

Anyhow, “That’s enough of that!” It’s time to get into those very sweet 16 rules of thumb to follow, which will outline your new playbook of life, or, “Life Code!”

Will some of these steps seem similar to the tactics Baiters use? “Yes!” They most certainly will. But, Dr. Phil points out here, often it is not the technique itself that is the problem but the intention of the one using it.

Now, having said that, let’s get started with those sixteen steps for success in your new Life Code for an awesome future. “Here we go!”

Step 1: You need to create an Image that works for you! After you figure out what you’re strengths are; base what you project to the world upon these positive aspects of yourself. Your image is a statement to everyone else and should be protected online, offline, plus every place else in between, “At all costs!” Keep in mind, too, that you might need to project a different image of yourself in different environments; business verses romantic, etcetera. However, this doesn’t mean you should create a fake image.

Step 2: You need to create a perception of uniqueness about yourself! Again, “No falseness required!” You are merely integrating into your presented image those traits which make you stand out from the crowd. Why should you want to do this? Because those who are winners are unique, according to Dr. Phil!

Step 3: Plan to play it big, “Today!” What this basically means is, “Living in the now!” Dr. McGraw points out here that employee loyalty for companies just isn’t there anymore. Not even banks are the sure and stable thing they once were. So keeping a low profile these days and going along with the crowd is not an option if you truly intend to get what you want in life. So the bottom line here is that you need to work with a bit more urgency than you might normally be accustom to if you truly want center stage/success professionally, or even personally.

Step 4: Learn how to graciously accept praise! Many of us have been taught that attention seeking and expecting praise for what we do is wrong. Phil McGraw acknowledges this here. But he has a different take on the matter. If you’ve been given praise for doing something at any level and you attempt to deflect it you are burning yourself by doing so. Mr. McGraw says that by not being open to accepting praise from other people sends a loud and powerful message to them that you don’t feel what you do matters. You know how that goes right? “If you don’t appreciate what you do or who you are how can you expect anyone else to?” This one is important so if you have trouble excepting praise; rehearse a script of what you want to say until it becomes automatic and feels natural to you. Just learning how to simply say, “Thank You,” without feeling awkward is a good start. Getting recognition is also essential to your survival moving forward.

Step 5: Become the go-to person in all areas of your life. If you’re not missed when you’re gone in any relationship, chances are pretty good that you will be out of someone else’s picture very quickly. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about romance, business, social circles or anything else in between. Strive to be the go-to person (not to be confused with a know-it-all) and you’ll do well, according to Dr. Phil McGraw.

Step 6: Know what you want and only work for that! Phil tells us that if we’re working on things that aren’t going to get us what we want and need then we need to stop, “Now!” The same holds true when dealing with people. If you aren’t getting what you want or need emotionally, financially and so on; there just isn’t any point in continuing to deal with these individuals. If what you need is someone to say yes to something, why would you want to waste hours and hours of your time dealing with someone who can only say, “No!” “Get the picture?”

Step 7: Have a game plan! We’re told in Life Code that if we’re just making it up as we go along we’re in trouble. We are advised to get out of bed in the morning with a purpose for our day. We are told repeatedly in this book to write out our goals in great detail even if it’s something like getting our significant other to marry us. In short; figure out what it is that you want, draft a plan to get it and then, “Go for it!” And, “Yes,” use paper or a computer to write it all down! That work now will certainly pay off later, for sure!

Author: Brian Schnabel

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