Chapter 3E: A Message For The Real World Bad Guys Plus An Exercise To Help Spot And Defeat Them: Dr. Phil’s Life Code Book Chapter Summary.

Dr. Phil suggests that if you are still having difficulty discerning the difference between a Baiter and a Non-Baiter you can simply compare a person’s actions to those of someone you would consider to be a true friend. If someone is doing something to you that you know a true friend would not do to you, or even for you, “You’ve got your answer!”

Exercise: Write down a list of the people you suspect are out to take something from you, use you, or sabotage you in some way. I think you get the idea here. Next, “Write down which of the tactics found in Chapter 3B they are using against you.”

End result? “You now know who you need to keep an eye on!”

In winding down in this chapter; Dr. Phil has written here a message for all Baiters who have read up to this point and are feeling like they’ve been very well described. In a nutshell he wants those of you who know you are Baiters to be aware of the fact that the rest of us are getting fed up with your behavior. He says very plainly that even though he knows you will more than likely blow this message off because of your arrogance, “You do have a choice!” You are the way you are because you choose to be. If you’re not tired of looking over your shoulder all of the time just yet, eventually you will be. He suggests that you do whatever you need to do to find the high road in life, “Now,” even if that means making an honest effort to change with the assistance of a mental health professional.

Now that we’ve said all that for the benefit of the Baiters in the group, “We now return to our regularly scheduled program.” This is the end of Chapter Three and Part One! Please turn the page to continue on to this summarization of Part Two Chapter Four!

Author: Brian Schnabel

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