Chapter 3D: Tactics 11-15 Of The Nefarious 15 explained: Dr. Phil’s Life Code Book Chapter Summary.

Tactic 11: Baiters will identify your Hot Buttons and Sensitivities to gain control over you! Hey! Let’s face it! We all have buttons that when pressed will cause us to behave in certain ways. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the usual scheme of things. However, once a Baiter has found those insecurities we all possess, or, those topics that are most likely to set us off, “The emotional extortion begins!”

Tactic 12: A Baiter can conveniently develop selective memory and rewrite history when it suits them! I’m sure we’ve all seen this one played out for us. Politicians are masters at it. The selective memory comes in the form of only recalling those facts about a past event so that a current situation can be manipulated to one’s own advantage. The historical rewriting (reframing of reality if you will) takes place using only those facts from the past situation that a Baiter wishes to recall. Pretty slick, ha?

Tactic 13: Baiters are two-faced people! We’ve all been around these kinds of folks, haven’t we? One minute they are talking to you nice and polite like and then the next chance they get they are assassinating your character to win favor with someone else. They do things like this to undermine our support systems (those we work with and rely upon in our lives for certain things) and also to sabotage us socially. Nice effective way to isolate someone you are targeting for bigger and better scams down the line, “Don’t you think?”

Tactic 14: Baiters operate with the, “Do onto others before they can do to you,” mindset! No! I don’t mean (and neither does Dr. Phil), “Do onto others before they can do to you,” in a good way either. Their paranoia, in general, coupled with a hidden agenda, is what makes Baiters act in this way. Insecure people have a tendency to operate in their lives this way, too. But it is only to protect themselves from other people’s rejection, disapproval, etcetera. However, Baiters work in this mindset to actually get something from you.

Tactic 15: Baiters love being masters of passive Aggressive Sabotage! If a Baiter wants your job, husband, wife, or just doesn’t want to do what you are asking, they will very subtly screw you any way they can, while to your face, they appear to be one-hundred percent on your side. They will play both sides of the fence and pretend like they aren’t at fault for anything that is going on. They will pretend not to understand what someone meant in a conversation, or, when being given directions. They will even maneuver for extra wiggle room so that they can carry out their agenda with greater ease, capitalizing on a lack of supervision. Of course, to your face they will tell you that you can trust them to do XYZ in your absence. But, in the end, they will always find a way to burn you while avoiding complete accountability for their actions.

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