Chapter 3C: Tactics 6-10 Of The Nefarious 15 Explained: Dr. Phil’s Life Code Book Chapter Summary.

Tactic 6: Nothing is ever a Baiter’s fault! If a Baiter gets caught doing something wrong; they will either attempt to justify their actions in a way in which they complement themselves, or they will blame something/someone else for their wrong doing. No relationship problems are one-hundred percent one person’s fault. However, Dr. Phil tells us here, Baiters take responsibility for nothing. They deflect blame of any kind and attempt to make it appear that they are taking responsibility for their actions in a situation. Sadly enough though the key word here is, “Appear!” They are Master Manipulators and they are very good at putting on a show, for sure. In dealing with a Baiter; when things go south it will be your fault and not theirs.

Tactic 7: Baiters know that a half truth is very powerful! So, they will tell a true story. However, they will omit a few key facts that would totally alter your perception of the message that they want you to receive. But that isn’t the only kind of manipulation through lies that they have in their play book. They are also capable of just making up a false statement about anything. They also tend to lie about things they may or may not have seen. Any way you cut it, “It’s all a fabrication designed to sound believable.” They are not amateurs at lying like you and me. They might even believe the lies as they are telling them. This enables them to go undetected for a long time because they sound so honest, “Like they are really telling the truth.” No conscience plus lots of practice equals, “A Damn Good Liar!”

Tactic 8: Baiters are frauds! Dr. Phil tells us that we are dealing with a breed of people who will lie, cheat, steal and take credit for things they themselves didn’t do; all without blinking! Baiters think that they have the right to take what they want without earning it. The easier it is to get something the better. When they are caught they don’t apologize because to them a win, even when they break the rules, is still a win.

Tactic 9: Baiters will make you feel dependent upon them by isolating you if they can. Any effective fraud is only carried out when the target is controlled. People who feel isolated are easy pickings for a Baiter and if they can make you feel indebted to them things for a Baiter are better still. It starts out with them just not being able to do enough for you. They gradually attempt to monopolize more and more of your time as the relationship progresses. They will even work to convince you that the people you like don’t really like you. Are you getting the picture here?

Tactic 10: A Baiter in a position of power will abuse it! Self-dealing and abusing others under their control are just two examples of how a Baiter will behave. Many of us don’t really know how to wield power. But with a Baiter the power they obtain doesn’t just go to their head, “It’s intoxicating for them!” Lack of empathy, feelings of remorse and the attitude that everything in the world is just for their taking makes a Baiter the last person you want in a position of power over you.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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