Chapter 3B: Tactics 1-5 Of The Nefarious 15 Explained: Dr. Phil’s Life Code Book Chapter Summary.

What are the fifteen most common tactics (The Nefarious 15) we should be aware of that Baiters will use to take advantage of us in a multitude of ways? That’s what you want to know, right? Well, “Alrighty then!” Let’s get started!

Tactic 1: Baiters seduce people with lots of compliments and promises! Mr. McGraw acknowledges that this approach might be used by a person who is genuinely interested in you and your wellbeing. However, Phil does suggest that we be wary of people who only seem to ever tell us what we want to hear. He also reminds us that, because we all tend to trust people who like us and make us feel good about ourselves, it is important to pay attention to our gut reactions to an individual. Baiters know that the average person’s favorite focus of attention is on themselves and these shady characters often know just how to leverage that to their advantage.

Tactic 2: They place you in the roll of co-conspirator! If a Baiter can suck you into participating in gossip and you take the bait; Dr. Phil tells us that they will throw you in front of a fast moving semi the first chance they get. He tells us that these Baiters are easy to spot though. They are the ones who act as though everything is a secret. They know that most people will respond to the level they are addressed at. So, they give you what appears to be sensitive information in the hope that you will give them something they can use against you; if not for some other purpose that only benefits them.

Tactic 3: Baiters have too much of a need for your approval! Ok! So some people are actually that insecure. However, the Grand Master Baiter is not only that insecure simply because they have a low self-image. They will ultimately use your approval, once they con you into giving it to them via their little act, to manipulate someone else!

Tactic 4: The Baiters who manipulate through promises, flattery, or via making you out to be a co-conspirator have one ulterior motive in common. “They want to get information from you that they can use for their own personal advancement or against you in some way!” This is one thing that Dr. Phil McGraw really wants you to remember so that you can take the steps needed to protect yourself from being backed into a corner by these people. He points out that they might be spotted easily enough because of the simple fact that many times they have difficulty interacting in spontaneous conversation. Why? Because they are too busy thinking about the information they can get from you and how best to use it for leverage!

Tactic 5: Baiters keep the mystery about themselves going and give you answers to questions you never asked! This one probably seems like a no-brainer but some Baiters have been playing this game for a really long time. End result? If you aren’t watching for this one you might not pick up on it until its way too late. The simplest way to figure out what they’re up to is by observing conversations you have with them. They might seem scatterbrain, constantly fixating on irrelevant facts. However, some folks know exactly what they are doing; sometimes hanging themselves by answering questions you never even asked. In short; they are incapable of genuine conversations and will often reveal their true intentions without meaning to.

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