Chapter 2B: A Real Mother Teresa: Dr. Phil’s Life Code Book Chapter Summary.

Enter Teresa; the wife of a local business man that Dr. Phil knew. She certainly seemed, to Mr. McGraw, to be more than qualified to do the job which he needed performed. So he added this mother of five children, some of which had been in trouble with the law, to his team of clinicians, nurses and doctors.

Dr. Phil openly admits in this part of Life Code that there was something about Teresa that just didn’t feel right in his gut. However, he ignored this because she belonged to a church and was constantly ministering to others, plus a few more things that suggested to him at the time that his unease was misplaced. So, in an effort to suppress the nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right about Teresa he wrote his gut feeling off; suggesting that perhaps his unease existed simply because her religious activities made him feel intimidated. For a while that false rationalization of what he was feeling seemed to work for him.

She seemed the perfect fit for his practice, too. He wanted to work with people who had a burning desire to help others and he felt she fit the bill there. She also seemed genuinely ashamed of the fact that her children had been arrested for criminal activity. So, what’s a guy to do? He hired her and she appeared to be handling his business as if it were her own.

That was until his credit card, which he rarely used, was declined while he was having lunch with her husband one year later. “Then it came out!”

Teresa wasn’t paying the bills of the practice she was administrator of. She was embezzling money from him since practically the first day she started working for him, “To the tune of Six Figures!”

By the time Dr. Phil found out what was going on, the money was gone and he was left with credit card debt and a bunch of other bills to pay. She had already spent what she took so there was no getting it back from her, that’s for sure!

In the telling of this story; Dr. Phil seeks to impress upon us all that we really need to follow our gut feelings about people. If we feel uneasy about someone we need to stop ourselves and ask why. If we are unable to answer that question off the top of our head we need to research the individual thoroughly before we write that feeling off as being baseless.

This is imperative if nagging doubts come up about someone we are entrusting with our loved ones, material possessions or financial matters. I do believe my local sheriff said it best to me one day via the statement, “If your gut is telling you that there is something wrong then there probably is.” This is pretty much what Dr. Phil is saying, too.

If someone is setting alarm bells off in our head, no matter how awesome of a person they appear to be at all levels, “Check them out!” Do this even if the alarm bells don’t seem to have any reason to be going off.

There is a force that lives inside us all that causes us to feel these little twinges of disquiet about some people for a reason. I can tell you from personal experience (as could Dr. Phil and countless others), “It really does pay to listen to your gut.” Yes! It is true, too, that doing this could one day save, at the very least, “Your life!”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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