Chapter 2A: Who Are These People: Dr. Phil’s Life Code Book Chapter Summary.

Dr. Phil starts out this chapter in his book by telling us that the worst kinds of Baiters (ones who can rape and murder without any kind of remorse) are out there. True! Although they are quite screwed up they are thankfully not likely to ever enter into our lives; at least for the majority of us.

However, there are quite a few less dysfunctional Baiters out there that can still cause us considerable emotional and mental anguish, completely catching us off guard just as efficiently as the most extreme Baiters on earth. One of the clues that they are around is that they are the kind of people who blame everything on someone or something else. When stuff happens it’s just never their fault!

Should we feel bad if we get caught off guard? “Hell No!” If you aren’t used to thinking like a predator on a daily bases then it’s kind of hard to see one coming. Even if you’ve got some sort of education in this kind of thing there’s still a chance you’ll eventually be taken in. Sometimes it just can’t be avoided!

I know from personal experience that some exploiters and con-artists are just that good. They are clever individuals who take the most unlikely forms and approaches when it comes to getting what they want from you, “Including you!”

Even if you are good at reading people they can still occasionally slip into your life undetected. So, “No.” You shouldn’t feel bad when it comes to being fooled. The best you can do is learn from what happened and move on.

Mr. McGraw tells us that he believes it is our job as individual’s to help people to be their best; assisting them in reaching their full potential when we can, etcetera. He feels that this belief was a driving force behind a long succession of twenty hour days, when he first started his private practice in Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology, back in the late 1970s.

“Sure!” he recognizes now that pushing like that helped his professional life while not really giving him the opportunity to live a personal one. But, as a result of his hard work he had a growing practice on his hands, which would soon require a rock solid administrative person to manage things for him. So, he found one! Lucky Him! You’ll see why very soon!

Author: Brian Schnabel

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