Chapter 1C: Being Played By A Player: Dr. Phil’s Life Code Book Chapter Summary.

Mr. McGraw tells us here that a Baiter is one who will generally do something intentionally which causes you pain, harm or to put you at risk in some other way. This may seem a little confusing at first when seen in the original text. However, the inference here is pretty clear when you pause to remember that a Baiter cares pretty much only about what they want or feel they need, with disregard for the morality (or lack thereof) in their actions.

Dr. Phil tells us that corporations, along with politicians, are using science to manipulate people to do what they want. They have learned how to push our buttons so that we think certain cars will make us more lovable, wearing certain clothes or eating at certain food establishments will make us more socially acceptable, and how even not voting for certain politicians will make our worst fears come true.

Does Mr. McGraw wish for us to dread getting up in the morning? Is that his intention in telling us all of this? “No!” Phil McGraw simply wants to make sure we understand what is going on in the “real world” so that we don’t all continue to get played over and over again.

Dr. Phil uses 911 to emphasize his point that we really do need to become realists and acknowledge the threats in our own personal lives. He points out to us that it was 911 that finally forced us as a nation to recognize that we are hated by millions of people across the globe and that Terrorism is a real threat within our own boarders.

Like the threats we must acknowledge as a nation; we must acknowledge the threats that those around us pose to us in our own lives. McGraw feels certain (and he’d probably be right) that if we all took out a piece of paper right now we could all make a list of those people in our lives who have the potential to hurt us in some way if we didn’t keep a watchful eye on them. The plain and simple truth is that we really do need to start being brutally honest with ourselves about the people around us and how we feel about people we meet in our journey ahead. Following your gut, as you will soon discover in reading on, is key!

You can be the most religious person on the planet, have all of the faith in God that is humanly possible for anyone to have and yet still fail to take the appropriate actions when obstacles arise. Waiting for someone or something else to pull us through the rough spots isn’t realistic. Therefore, we must take every opportunity that we legitimately can to overcome those obstacles when they present themselves. We must take responsibility for us and do the best we can with what we have. If extra help comes, “That’s Awesome!” But we must look out for ourselves and loved ones, even if there is no external help to be had.

Dr. Phil lets us know, in his usual direct manner, that viewing life as a game and yourself as a player in it may have some negative connotations for you at first. However, he tells us that the truth is, “Life is a game and it is going on all around you.” You are in the game, “Like it or not.” If you attempt not to play it you have still participated.

He explains that the best way to play the game of life is to understand how it truly works, dishonest players and all. Do we have to get down to the level of the dishonest players to get ahead? “No!”

In the pages ahead we are going to explore in more depth how to play the game of life “well” and avoid being dragged down by those who are less than honest when it comes to playing by the rules. By the end of this summary (just as Dr. Phil’s hope for you was when writing his original work this summary is based upon) I’m sincerely hoping you will have gotten enough information to avoid being dragged down any further by those Baiters who are already in your life. I hope you will find enough helpful tips here to spot the new one’s coming at you from around the next blind corner, too.

Are you ready to discover more? Ok! “Let’s go!”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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