Chapter 1B: Accidents, Bad Luck And The BAITER Acronym: Dr. Phil’s Life Code Book Chapter Summary.

Dr. Phil tells us here that he personally believes that there really isn’t such a thing as bad luck. It really doesn’t mean you are unlucky if you attract partners in your life who continually cheat on you. It simply means that you are, either consciously or unconsciously, choosing to place your trust in lovers who should not be trusted to remain faithful to you.

He also points out that accidents, a lot of the time, aren’t really accidents. He says that this is because people, “chose,” to take certain actions which led up to the occurrence of a mishap.

Texting behind the wheel of a car (for example) would be one such instance where the resulting collision, which came about because of a driver’s choice to text while operating a motor vehicle, wasn’t truly an accident. I think you get the idea here.

Bottom line? We make choices (sometimes even unconsciously) in our lives without enough information about other people, or with complete disregard for the potential dangers of our actions. In short; “Bad Luck” and “Accident” are terms that don’t really have anything to do with the negative events that sometimes routinely occur in life.

Dr. Phil tells us here, too, that he refers to the bottom feeders of our society (the Back Stabbers, Abusers, impostors, Takers, Exploiters and Reckless people in this world) as, “Baiters!” They are people that are totally focused on themselves, goal oriented and will do whatever it takes to achieve their objectives, even if it is at someone else’s expense.

They are folks who would fall under some of the general clinical psychological diagnoses, which include but are not limited to; Anti-Social Personalities, Borderline Personalities, Paranoid Personalities or Oppositional Defiant Personalities. But the list doesn’t stop there! Can they fall under more than one diagnosis at a time? Oh yeah!

Dr. Phil explains here that the folks we will refer to by using his term, “Baiter,” don’t all act exactly the same way and cannot all be lumped into one single category of being. They are each unique individuals, like the rest of us, who unfortunately operate on a different set of rules, if any at all. They take a darker approach to their journey through life that one just wouldn’t see in a perfect world. In short; Baiter refers to a type of person who creates pain or some other sort of negative upheaval in your life of either a physical and/or emotional variety. It certainly is a more polite term than any I could have come up with, that’s for sure!

We discover here that sometimes we ourselves might actually be helping a Baiter to hurt us. This is especially true if we are prone to doubt ourselves and our abilities. “Do I really deserve that job promotion?” “Do I have the right to ask for XY and Z?” Thoughts like these make us hesitate and that’s the kind of thing a Baiter watches for.

Most of us who have integrity will do the right thing when no one is watching. However, a Baiter will do whatever it is they wish, right or wrong, with greater ease; capitalizing on the fact that they are unimpeded by the scrutiny of others whenever they can.

Baiters operate with a, “You snooze you lose,” mentality. Because of this blind ambition; they don’t even hesitate for a second to consider whether or not what they are doing is unfair or hurtful to others. “The Baiter just does for themselves!”

A Baiter will not hesitate to arrange a seemingly chance encounter with the boss on personal time, simply to get more one on one time with them. Baiters do this with the purpose of obtaining greater influence with that individual. They will also do the same thing with your spouse or significant other. Dr. Phil explains that their soul intention in these chance encounters with your significant other is to simply take them away from you. They don’t see this as being destructive or immoral behavior at all. To them, “They are just playing the game of life.” They have no concept of how their actions may be harmful or hurtful to other people. Even if they are aware of it, “They just don’t give a damn.”

Now, that’s not to say that sometimes we don’t lose a promotion or some other opportunity to friendly competition. We do! That doesn’t make the person we lost to a Baiter.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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