Chapter 18: You Can Attract Happiness: Napoleon Hill And W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Chapter Summary.

In this chapter of Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude we read that those who want to be happy can do so. After all, “Happiness is a state of mind!”

What? Are you having trouble convincing yourself to be happy, or to at least make the halfway mark, which is known as, “Contentment?”

Make someone else happy and happiness will come back to you and stay with you. Some memories are priceless. So, if you’ve got a joyful experience to recall in your own mind, it can pull you through the rough patches until you find your next bit of happiness to add to your store house of memories.

Happiness is not something that is found. Happiness is something that is created. If you look for it you will not find it. But if you work to create it than it will be yours for the asking.

Hill and Stone tell us that happiness begins at home. However, even Hill and Stone know that many times this is not the case. They explain that, in some instances, it’s because there are forceful personalities in the home that are very much alike.

At other times, it’s because of misunderstandings that can arise from the tendency of people to gage other people’s reactions by their own. Keep in mind that this is just to give one an idea of a few major contributing factors, as you and I both know things at home are often way more complex.

Sometimes conflicts arise, between members of a household, because each has failed to recognize that over time everyone changes. In a household where there is a lot of good PMA amongst its members, the communication is a lot better, and these differences are recognized.

Stone and Hill tell us that sometimes these differences may never be understood. However, the person operating under the influence of the PMA side of their talisman has enough understanding in these situations to know one simple thing. “Other people are different from them.”

You may have heard that opposites attract? Do you know how two opposites complement each other through attraction? The authors of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” tell us; it’s because their differences complement each other. The differences in each person inspiring the other to grow and expand. The authors feel that complementary differences help keep one from becoming frustrated while the other is kept from becoming too rigid in their ways; having a neutralizing effect where extreme differences are concerned.

We also read in this chapter that happiness is not something anyone should ever try to buy for their children, or anyone else. If one gives more of themselves in the form of time to those whom they hold dear, they will be happier. Those around them will be happier and there will be ample appreciation to go around, as well. In short; one should never try to use money as a substitute for their time and companionship, or to prevent their kids from learning the harder lessons in life.

Did you know that you can bring happiness through writing letters? Letters are an excellent way to express ideas to others, which you might not actually be able to formulate well enough to say out loud. But in delivering the letter to its intended recipient you are channeling their thoughts, toward you, as they read the letter.

Well written letters can inspire those who receive them in ways that are good. In turn, letters can also cause the recipient’s happiness to turn back in your direction. Hill and Stone say that this is because you took the extra time to acknowledge your intended recipient; giving of yourself to them through writing.

Being sensitive to the feelings of others goes a long way in making other people happy, in addition to yourself. Keep in mind here, too, that the sales associates attitude of, “The customer is always right,” is beneficial to anyone wishing to master it. Also, remember that how you talk to people will influence their feelings, too.

In fact; how you talk to people will either attract the right kind of person, or the wrong kind of person; drawing them into your life. Got a tendency to naturally attract Gang Bangers into your inner circle of friends? You might want to check on your speech if you think you’d like to stop that from happening.

In a nutshell: The way we talk certainly can attract the people we want in our lives and repel those we don’t want around us. It will be having a Positive Mental Attitude that keeps it from being the other way around, plus attract general happiness our way.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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