Chapter 17: You Can Enjoy Good Health And Live Longer: Napoleon Hill And W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Chapter Summary.

A Positive Mental Attitude is key for living a longer and healthier life. It is the very kind of thinking that will draw the better things in life to a person; just as a Negative Mental Attitude will shorten one’s life and bring all manner of misery down around them.

We are again reminded by the authors of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” that to maintain PMA we need to read inspirational books; the most inspirational of these being, hands down, “The Bible.” But one needs to do a bit more than just read. They need to take what they have learned from reading and put it into action.

The positive thoughts and ideas one absorbs through study of inspirational material may one day do way more than just make one healthier. The absorption of positive thoughts and ideas into one’s conscious and subconscious mind may be the very thing that saves their life, should they ever find themselves on deaths door.

The authors do acknowledge that money can buy good health of body and mind, along with the respect of other people, if used in the right way. Having cash around certainly can make it easier to…

  • Move to a climate more conducive to healthier living.
  • Hire the right doctors to meet your health needs.
  • Live a less stressful life in general; creature comforts and all.

However, it is also noted that when one uses their wealth to help others via the development of charitable foundations and other types of philanthropic contributions, other people will take notice. Naturally, one isn’t going to live longer via generosity and PMA, alone. The authors tell us that we still need to have a good understanding about matters of mental, physical and social hygiene.

The authors tell us that we can obtain more information on these matters from Federal, State and Local government along with religious organizations, plus schools, just to name a few places. In short, “Ignorance of what good and healthy living is or means will lead to a shorter life here on earth!”

Safety comes first for those who have a Positive Mental Attitude. Did you know people have died while trying to avoid being late for a funeral? Yup! They put those speed signs up for a reason folks! “Get the picture?”

Seriously though, part of living a longer healthier life does involve using some common sense. Riding in cars with bad breaks or being driven by drunk people isn’t exactly the exercised common sense Hill and Stone were talking about in their original book, either. So, “Yeah.” Common Sense equals longer life, as per Hill and Stone in their book, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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