Chapter 16: How To Raise Your Energy Level: Napoleon Hill And W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Chapter Summary.

We are told by Hill and Stone that our energy is twofold. The first part of it is physical and has to do with the body itself. The second part is spiritual and mental, making it the more important part.

They talk a bit about how there is no reason a person age fifty should not be just as physically fit as they were at age twenty. If a person knows how to train their entire body; there is no reason that they should physically deteriorate. Hill and Stone explain, too, that the body’s capability begins in the mind, with a person’s belief that they can make their body do what they want it to do.

If you are normally a well-balanced person; some signs when your energy level is low (other than tiredness) are exhibiting suspicious, tactless, unfriendly, obnoxious, argumentative, hostile, sarcastic, anxious, fearful, jealous, depressed or excessively emotional behavior. In order to maintain a Positive Mental Attitude, you need a good energy level to work with.

What? You didn’t know that staying positive required energy? Seriously? Well, “Having a good Energy level makes a Huge difference when it comes to maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude!”

Hill and Stone tell us that, just as proper nutrition along with exercise is important for maintaining our physical energy and health, we also need to feed our mind with inspirational books and positive material to keep the PMA factory going. However, it should be noted that, just as it is important to have good energy levels to maintain a Positive Mental Attitude, it is also equally important to understand that a negative attitude will easily rob a person of energy. Feelings of hate and fear (just to name a couple) will drain a person pretty quickly if these emotions/thoughts aren’t kept in check.

Hill and Stone tell us the easiest way to prevent our emotions from wasting our energy is to keep our minds on the things we want and not the things we don’t want. Of course, it is easier to pull this off if one is already a more cultured and refined person: the authors totally acknowledging this. However, like everything else, if the energy you want is worth having than it is worth working for. “Good things do come to those who make the effort!”

Substitute negative energy draining thoughts and emotions with positive ones as they come up. Feeling fearful? Act Confident! Think you’re stupid? Tell yourself you are smart! Self-talk, backed up by action, can eventually lead to some pretty good results down the line if one sticks with it.

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