Chapter 14: How To Find Satisfaction In Your Job: Napoleon Hill And W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Chapter Summary.

In this part of Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, we explore finding satisfaction in your job, even if the job is one that doesn’t necessarily come natural to you. The authors tell us here that satisfaction is a mental attitude.

This means that, even if your job sucks, you can still fine satisfaction in it with PMA. Making a commitment to learn to be highly proficient at performing your job will make things more interesting, too.

Even for folks who are doing what comes naturally to them, “Things don’t always go well.” However, Hill and Stone point out that planning, plus a little time to work on maintaining a positive mental attitude, can go a long way towards overcoming on the job obstacles.

It is written in this chapter that one can control their mental attitude by using affirmations. By setting goals, one is more likely to recognize those things that will help them achieve their aims. Knowing the rules about the field of work you are in, and applying them, is key!

Hill and Stone emphasize, in Chapter 14 of their original work, that belief in what you are doing is very important, particularly when it comes to achieving your goals. However, in order to achieve success, you might just have to go the extra mile. But if you can conceive it in your mind and believe that it can be done, “It can be achieved!”

Goals (per Stone and Hill) can make the most routine job satisfying. This is because the person doing the job knows that the job is leading somewhere when goals are a part of the equation.

The job may be an end to a means so you can go on a trip, buy a house, boat, a car or get through school so you can work in a field that truly interests you. But when one has PMA, “It’s all worth it!”

Of course, there are some jobs that are not satisfying at all; making these jobs hardly worth the price one is paying to continue with them. In those cases, the job should be abandoned. This is simply because, “If one keeps doing what they hate the misery felt will eventually creep into all areas of their life.”

“But,” Hill and Stone also tell us that a little dissatisfaction with any job is good; should a person choose to approach it with PMA. A certain level of dissatisfaction can always be leveraged to inspire the person feeling it; driving them to keep improving on the job and beyond.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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