Chapter 9: How To Motivate Yourself: Napoleon Hill And W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Chapter Summary.

In this chapter of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” we read about how our motivations are those things which drive us to do the things we do. These inner urges are things such as instinct, passion, desire, and emotions. When one, or more, of these motivating forces gets infused with an idea we have; we can easily be driven to act upon our idea at a subconscious level, without even realizing it.

Hill and Stone do take a bit of time to talk about hope in their book; indicating that it is an important component of the driving forces, which motivate many of us. Hope, in a nut shell, is a feeling that starts out as a desire for something, fueled by the belief that what is desired is obtainable.

Hope is a motivator for some who want to move from, where they are now in their lives, to a foreseen place in the future. For others; hope is a major driving force behind getting a new house, new car, more money, the love of their life, etc.

Every act you engage in; every thought you have; it can all be traced back to a motive or combination of motives. Ten of these basic motives are…

  1. Self-preservation.
  2. Fear.
  3. Love.
  4. Sex.
  5. Life after death.
  6. A desire for physical and intellectual freedom.
  7. Hate.
  8. Anger.
  9. Self-expression.
  10. Recognition and material gain.

You will note in this list a few things, which are clearly negative motivators. You may be wondering if they are good, or even belong there!

Negative emotions (thoughts and feelings) are good for us in the sense that they serve to protect us. Being willing to kill to protect countless others from a deadly threat, or harboring negative feelings against what is clearly evil in its most dangerous forms, is good. However, Hill and Stone do point out that we do not need to repel the negative with negative like we once did in primitive times. They say this is because civilized society has largely taken that need away from us; laws giving us the opportunity to refine our reactions to external negative forces.

Hill and Stone tell us that we can change negative reactions/emotions that we find unhelpful. They say we can do this through, what they call in their book, “Auto Suggestion.”

To get the Auto Suggestion process started:

  1. Determine the positive reaction you wish to replace a negative fear/emotion with.
  2. Create an affirmation that will remind you of the positive reaction you now wish to have.
  3. Repeat your new affirmation to yourself every time the negative emotion/fear comes up; intensely focusing upon your desired replacement response.

This process isn’t going to take hold over night. However, I’ve personally found that, in addition to the above, repeating my auto suggestive affirmations to myself as I fall asleep has remarkable results, “When it is least expected.”

You will know when you’ve finally changed a negative reaction to a positive, no matter what it is, by the way you feel from head to toe. Your new response will kick in effortlessly; leaving you feeling as if a massive weight has just been lifted off your shoulders.

Do you have a few virtues, or goals, that you would like to achieve? Write them down! Nothing makes a more powerful impression on one’s mind than taking immediate action, which starts first through the process of writing! Of course, in all this PMA is a key ingredient; helping to maintain faith in what you are doing, plus the belief that what you want can be achieved!

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