Chapter 8: The Secret Of Getting Things Done: Napoleon Hill And W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Chapter Summary.

Hill and Stone make it pretty clear in this chapter that doing something while paying nothing is much better than paying the price for doing, “Nothing.” In short; this chapter is all about not letting work and other matters pile up by developing an action habit.

The authors of, “Success Through A Positive mental attitude,” urge us not to simply talk the talk. They want us to walk the walk, as well; making the principles we read about in their book a part of our daily lives, rather than just our vocabulary. They indicate that this is a sure-fire way to guarantee that we stay ahead of the eight ball, when it comes to getting things done.

Making an effort to actively deal with that which needs to be dealt with, as it comes along, puts you on the road to creating a new habit. “The Action Habit.” Having a, “Do it now,” mentality will also enhance your character; causing others to see you as a person of action; not some wussy sitting on the sidelines; surrendering control of your life to the environment around you. Getting things done “now” allows you to have a much greater hand in defining your environment, rather than allowing it to define you.

“Sure!” There are things out there that one can’t always immediately deal with. However, there’s no law that says you can’t put other easily doable things to rest, while that which can’t be put to bed right away is moving along at a slower pace.

However, you know what you’ve simply been putting off that can be handled in about five minutes. You also know what’s going to take a lot more time to do. Nevertheless, what Hill and Stone are suggesting in their book is that you can get a bunch of stuff done, long term and short, if you do all that you can do, “Now.”

Yeah. That might require a bit of planning on your part, especially if there’s some really big time consuming things that need to be dealt with on your to do list. But you can develop an actionable plan for handling them, “Right now,” can’t you?

I can tell you too, from personal experience in dealing with working on large projects, slow and steady gets the job done. If you doubt that, just check out the size of this website. It certainly didn’t spring into being overnight.

Bottom line; you can accomplish a lot in a relatively short time span with a little effort and a bit of planning. I can personally attest to the fact of what Stone and Hill are saying about developing a mentality based upon, “Doing it now.” If what they were saying wasn’t true, my whole life would be spent sitting here typing away on a computer keyboard; popping one anti-depressant after another as I lamented my lack of a life. But, because I do what I can do when I can do it, “I’ve got quite the full and happy life to live,” much further away from this computer keyboard than you might think.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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