Chapter 6: You’ve Got A Problem That’s Good: Napoleon Hill And W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Chapter Summary.

The authors start out this chapter by telling us that having problems is good. They say that by overcoming them we make rungs out of them on our ladder to success. They tell us, too, that there will always be problems in life because life is ever changing. But when we face our problems with a Positive Mental Attitude, “It’s all good!”

We read here that when we are faced with a problem we should…

  • Ask for guidance from God.
  • Set aside time to think about what the problem is we are facing; defining exactly what it is.
  • Look at our problem as if it’s a good thing; putting some serious effort into maintaining a view point of enthusiasm, while focusing on seeing the positive points.
  • Figure out how to make the problem of some benefit to ourselves or others; turning it into an asset rather than a liability.

The Authors round this list off; telling us to keep going over the above points in our minds until we come up with a solution.

The three types of problems that we’ll face in our lives are personal, family, and professional. Per Hill and Stone; the most likely problems that we will face are of the personal variety; physical, emotional, financial, etc.

Keeping a Positive Mental Attitude isn’t always easy; hanging around with those suffering from NMA making it much harder to stay positive. The authors do give some credence to the fact that, “We can be known by the company we keep.”

Who do you hang out with? Are they positive or negative people? Are they criminal or respectable?

The authors of Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude tell us that sex is one of the most powerful forces at work; heavily influencing the conscious and subconscious parts of our minds. Sex is what can ruin a person, or bring them happiness if managed in a virtuous manner. Hill and Stone’s recommendation; have loving sex rather than lusty sex.

Stone and Hill also talk in this chapter about life cycles of business, along with one’s personal life, as well. They talk mostly about the business aspect of it here. But they do take a little time to drive the point home that, “Pretty much everything runs in a cycle.”

Where business cycles are concerned; one can gain and amass wealth. However, to do this, they will need to take the time to learn what the cycles and trends for their industry are. Once they have taken the time to learn this; it will be easier for them to keep the money they’ve earned; driving their business forward, even while their industry is moving in a downward direction.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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