Chapter 10: How To Motivate Others: Napoleon Hill And W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Chapter Summary.

One of the first things we discover, in this chapter of Stone and Hill’s book, is that one can motivate others by simply having faith in them. If one feels the confidence radiated toward them by others, it raises their self-esteem; assisting them to forge ahead in a more positive fashion.

Letter writing is another way to motivate an individual; helpful in expressing thoughts that one may not be able to say during normal conversation. Letter writing is also an excellent way of passing along some useful advice an individual would not be willing to absorb if expressed to them verbally.

A well-crafted letter is often read more than once by a recipient, especially if it is genuine in nature. But, letter writing also helps the writer organize and solidify their thoughts; making it easier for the letter’s author to organize and express what’s on their mind; all done in a manner that is more likely to be useful to the intended recipient.

Another way of helping one to see their own positive potential is motivation by example. For instance; let’s say you are the head of your company’s sales department. As the Boss; you decide to make a sale in front of an employee they themselves didn’t believe they could personally make; you doing this as a scolding. Chances are good that they aren’t going to be very motivated by that type of experience. “However,” if you were to generously offer to assist them with a sale; they are more likely to be positively inspired in their efforts with difficult accounts in future.

“True!” Their belief may have been the very thing holding them back when it came to making difficult sales. But, when faced with a difficult task, there’s a funny thing about confidence and faith in a group of two or more people. “It gets kind of contagious!”

So, Hill and Stone are clearly saying, “Yeah.” Sometimes we just need to switch on the light for others by positive example.

Motivational books are another excellent way to inspire folks to take action; improving their overall performance on the job. “True!” You might only want to improve your staff on a professional level, simply for the sake of your company. But, if the book you give your staff helps them in their personal life, isn’t that to your advantage, “Too?”

“What?” You don’t think so? “What planet are you from?”

Seriously though; self-help/motivational books are really like mental vitamins. So, if you are one who wants a better life, keep reading them. If you are a company owner who wants your business to perform well than get your employees hooked on reading self-help books and other motivational material, too.

Hill and Stone also talk in this chapter of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” about the importance of helping people find jobs which come naturally to them. If people are working jobs that come naturally to them; these folks are more likely to be incredibly productive in whatever positions they hold. They will be less likely to call out sick and be happier people over all.

Please Note: It’s going to be rather difficult to motivate other people for you if you don’t have a positive mental attitude, “Yourself.” It certainly helps, too, if you know what motivates another person. But, even if you do, you will still need a positive mental attitude to move that process along, regardless of whichever strategy you decide to employ.

Remember: It’s kind of hard to maintain the appearance of being one with a positive mental attitude, particularly if you are less than enthusiastic about life. So, it will be helpful for you to act enthusiastic. This way the excitement, you manage to stir up within yourself, comes through when working with other people.

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