Chapter 5: And Something More: Napoleon Hill And W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Chapter Summary.

Stone and Hill tell us at the start of this chapter that, if we are unable to cross through the doorway to success, we may simply need to add something more to make it all work. The something more doesn’t have to be much. But, it could be the difference between an effective success formula and a success formula that will only let us go a few inches in the right direction.

Something more could be an extra screw in an invention, or a slightly different approach to bringing an ailing business back into a profitable position. However, the authors point out that, without PMA and the will to keep trying, that little piece to the puzzle that is missing will never be found.

In addition to having PMA as an essential ingredient in any success formula one devises; Hill and Stone talk about how calling upon God can help one to acquire flashes of goal achieving inspiration. But it is pretty heavily stressed here that once the idea/inspiration is received, “You must write it down.”

One reason for doing this is that the ideas and other flashes of inspiration you get will not be forgotten. Another reason is that writing things down gets the mind working more freely; in a fashion that makes it easier for one to get useful flashes of inspiration in the future.

Flashes of inspiration are believed by some to come from…

  • The subconscious mind through education and personal life experience.
  • A group of people via telepathy.
  • What some would call the great store house of universal knowledge; known to some of us as, “God.”

To obtain flashes of inspiration; some folks go to a quiet place with their note book and focus specifically on “one” problem they need to resolve. Through intense concentration on the matter at hand; these folks simply begin asking God for answers to whatever questions they have. Once the ideas start flowing, as a result of this process, they are written down and systematically put into action.

Sometimes one may fail to achieve their goals. But, as a part of the process, they end up discovering something that is far greater in value than what they had originally set out to attain.

How is that possible? Well? “How do you think the America’s were discovered?”

Someone started out with an idea that the world was not flat. To prove their theory; this person kept working tirelessly towards getting funding for an expedition that would prove the world was round. But, the New World (the yet to be discovered Americas) kind of got in the way!

Do you know who I’m talking about? If you were to guess Christopher Columbus, “You would be correct.” And, “Yes,” he’s just one example of how you can set out looking to accomplish one thing and unexpectedly find a much larger pearl of great price.

Hill and Stone also tell us that Principles, unlike facts, are less often learned by people. But, principles, unlike facts, often have a longer life in an ever-changing society. The authors of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” recommend one take more time to learn the principles behind things rather than focusing on facts, alone. Hill and Stone feel it’s easier to achieve those goals we seek to attain if we approach things in this way.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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