Chapter 4: Dare To Explore The Powers Of Your Mind: Napoleon Hill And W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Chapter Summary.

Here Hill and Stone talk about the fact that your mind and body are pretty much the same thing. One is very tightly intertwined with the other. They point out, too, that because of this mind body connection, we all have powers that are known and unknown; mystical in nature. But if we learn how to tap into our powers, both mystical and non-mystical, we will have greater control over our environment; achieving what we want in general.

Taking time to repetitively make a statement to yourself like, “Every day I am getting better in every way,” with emotion to go along with the statement, is called, “Conscious Auto Suggestion.” The idea here is, if a person wants to get their subconscious mind working on a goal, one must write out the goal as a statement; taking time to stop and repeat the statement to themselves over the course of a day.

Ultimately; memorizing these positive statements (affirmations) would make it a mental part of any person; etching the desired new behaviors or values in deeply at a subconscious level. In this way; the subconscious can work on helping one to achieve their goal even while they are asleep.

It’s been found that, if a doctor’s patient is taught to consciously make healthful statements to themselves, these statements can then be picked up/integrated into the subconscious mind after a time. The result of this being; the patient can trigger healing within their own body due to the patient’s own affirming declarations.

“However,” the statements must come from the patient themselves. Conscious Auto Suggestion will not work if the affirmations are coming from another source. So, as per Hill and Stone, guided meditations and recordings won’t cut it.

We are told by Hill and Stone that most of the time we operate under the influence of Unconscious Auto Suggestion. This is kind of like Conscious Auto Suggestion; just in reverse. With Unconscious Auto Suggestion; we are simply responding to urges embedded in the unconscious mind surfacing at the conscious level of the mind; this process happening without our being fully aware of it.

However, we are not always just subconsciously influenced by what goes on in our own minds. Did you know that the subconscious mind can record events that are not detectable by the naked/conscious eye? Did you know that subliminal messages can be flashed before your eyes so quickly that you wouldn’t consciously see them?

In fact; in their original work, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” the authors tell of an experiment done in a New Jersey movie theater some years ago. This experiment showed that subliminal advertisements flashed up on a movie screen could increase the sales of corresponding products in the theater anywhere from twenty to fifty percent.

Apparently the forty thousand people involved in this experiment didn’t know what was happening. For some strange reason; when the public did finally see the news stories about this experiment and its results in their newspapers one fine day, “They weren’t thrilled.”

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