Chapter 3: Clear The Cobwebs From Your Thinking: Napoleon Hill And W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Chapter Summary.

How clear is your thinking? How orderly are the thoughts you have? Is your mind like a TV remote in the hands of an individual who possesses the attention span of a Twinkie? What? Twinkies don’t have an attention span? “My Point Exactly!”

Seriously; disorganized thinking will certainly stand in the way of you achieving your goals. However, Mr. Hill and Mr. Stone assure us that all is not lost. And, “Yes,” thoughts “can” be organized.

We are told in this chapter that there should be balance between emotion and reason. But often what happens is, choices we think are reasonable are really decisions born of deep seeded subconscious desires; emotions masquerading as perfectly logical thoughts.

Some of the problems that are created by our thinking are born out of the fact that we can often see the faults in others, easily. “Yet,” we have difficulty seeing the problems within ourselves.

When it comes to misunderstandings; Hill and Stone point out something that makes a lot of sense, in their book, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.”. The authors tell us that if folks would learn to control their reactions to the faults they see in others, “Both parties would be a lot better off.”

We all have faults and are often just as guilty for the events leading up to the misunderstandings we experience. Therefore, Hill and Stone tell us, things could be resolved quicker by acknowledging the things we ourselves have done wrong in any given situation.

Folks who already approach negative matters, by looking within themselves to see what they personally might have done to contribute to any given problem they encounter with others, “First,” know that resolutions come about much more quickly. They also know that things are much less stressful when they take responsibility (if there is any to be taken) for their role in creating a situation.

Hill and Stone explain to us here that words are symbols that the conscious and subconscious mind used to communicate back and forth. They tell us that many misunderstandings can be avoided if we can find out what spoken words actually mean to another person. In doing this we can avoid arguments.

The authors talk about how generalized word symbols clutter up one’s mind when they are based on false premises. They tell us that if one has a clearer understanding of what words actually mean, they can remove many cobwebs that will otherwise tend to impede their thinking.

For example; if you had small frog legs for dinner and liked them and then had large frog legs from the same source that truly sucked; you might decide that you like small frog legs better. You would reach this conclusion, especially if you didn’t know that the one time you had large frog legs, they only tasted like crap because they had come from a bad batch.

We are taught that the word, “Necessity,” is the one word that can lead to invention, or, the reasoning behind criminal activity. Honesty is a viable ingredient found only in PMA. Those who have true PMA can achieve success without lying, cheating and stealing to obtain their goals, even if their reason for having their goal involves, “Necessity.”

A Negative Mental Attitude on the other hand… Well… “Hell Yeah!” Criminal activity performed under the banner of, “Necessity,” tends to equal jail for many.

“Also,” I hear God has a special place for those crooks who don’t get caught here on earth. “Get the picture?” Anyway, “Moving right along then!”

“Now,” there are folks who were once criminals do to the use of the NMA side of their talisman. But the authors of, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude,” tell us that these folks have been able to clean up their act and actually do some good in the world. Yes! There is hope! It can be done. People can change if they want to.

The Bible helps many people find the track to living right with a Positive Mental Attitude. In fact, it is written in this book by Mr. Hill and Mr. Stone that prayer is the most important power that anyone has at their disposal. If your prayers are honest and sincere, “They just might be answered.”

There are some folks who are caught up in the mental cobwebs of their own mind that say, “One should never interfere with God’s work.” They feel that looking for inspiration in any other place but the bible is wrong and won’t do it. But if they were to accept that it’s ok to look for inspiration where ever inspiration is to be found, while maintaining a positive mental attitude with the Lord as their guide; these very same folks could lead a more fulfilling, “God inspired life.”

What kind of cobwebs are in your mind that could be holding you back? Do you have a clear understanding of all the words/symbols that are exchanged between your conscious and subconscious mind? What false premises are you operating under? “Do you know?”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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