Chapter 2: You Can Change Your World: Napoleon Hill And W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Chapter Summary.

It is in Chapter 2 of Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude that Mr. Hill and Mr. Stone introduce us to the seventeen principles of success; the first of the seventeen principles being, of course, “A Positive Mental Attitude!” The other sixteen principles of success are as follows:

  1. Have a definite purpose.
  2. Go the extra mile.
  3. Exercise Precise thinking.
  4. Utilize the Master Mind.
  5. Exercise self-control.
  6. Have faith.
  7. Have a pleasant personality.
  8. Take initiative.
  9. Be enthusiastic.
  10. Have focused attention.
  11. Be a team player.
  12. Learn from mistakes.
  13. See creatively.
  14. Effectively manage time and money.
  15. Maintain good mental and physical health.
  16. Use the laws of the universe as your guide.

The authors recommend that you look at these principles and see which ones you’ve been using and which ones you have not. If you memorize them with the intention of actually using them; you will be able to identify which of these principles you have not been using correctly, “If at all.”

Many people are held back because they tend to blame the world for their problems; where they grew up, family background, poverty, etcetera. However, (per Hill and Stone) they fail to see that the world around them would be right; if only they implemented the right mental attitude.

Are you lacking a bit in the PMA department? The authors of Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude suggest that you identify yourself with a positive figure/image. It could be a character in a book that has the kind of courage and moral fiber you wish to acquire. “Or,” you could identify yourself with a real-life person whom you admire.

Hill and Stone talk in this book about how the world is an ever-changing place. But they tell us that we can influence the direction of the changes to come. How do we do this? Simply by having a definite purpose, combine with a positive mental attitude. In addition; we can influence how the future unfolds by taking initiative, being enthusiastic, effectively managing time and money, exorcizing self-control, focusing our attention, the practice of precise thinking, and seeing creatively.

If you have a clear picture of how you want your world to be than there is a greater chance of you obtaining your goals; your world being right in accordance with your desires. Having a positive mental attitude to go along with this picture can certainly make things easier, if not downright fun, because you are going after the things in life you want.

It should be noted here too that life doesn’t just hand us problems. Life hands us problems we can solve. In this sense, “Life never leaves you stranded!”

Hill and Stone suggest that we repeat self-motivating statements to ourselves throughout the course of a day. Of course, one would want to pick statements designed to help them move closer to achieving their desired goals.

Looking for a self-motivator to get you going on the right track? Stone and Hill suggest that we look in The Bible for a start if we’re short on ideas. We can look in Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude for motivational statements, as well. In fact; looking in Hill and Stone’s book might be the better option for those first getting started; Success Through A Positive Mental attitude clearly demonstrating motivational statements in action for the benefit of those knew to the Personal-Development Arena.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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