Chapter Two: Starting your Business: Scott Fox’s Internet Riches Book Chapter Summary.

Beyond a computer, phone, website and internet access; there’s a huge difference between a traditional business expense and an internet Business operation cost. An internet based business is way cheaper to run; about three hundred dollars per year buying you…

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting services.
  • A decent site template.
  • Email list building software that can easily handle sending out messages in mass.
  • Credit card capability and customer tracking services.

“And,” the beauty part about all of this? Since you aren’t breaking the bank to get set up, “You don’t have to work at starting up your online business full time if you don’t want to.”

Technology gets cheaper and faster about every eighteen to twenty-four months. This means that operating a business can only get cheaper and more efficient as time goes on.

The three basic online business models are Efficiency, Product, and Niche based. As you’ll see in the chapters ahead; each type can be profitable in some way.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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