Chapter 1: The Internet Business Revolution: Scott Fox’s Internet Riches Book Chapter Summary.

Scott starts off this chapter in his book by telling us that the internet is far from being a saturated ground; a long way away from being a worthless springboard when it comes to the launch of new and unique businesses. I can personally confirm for you, too, that he’s not lying about the ridiculously low monthly fee required to get started with an online venture.

In addition to the fact that we can make money online while we sleep; there are a few other things that make setting up shop online an amazingly cool and lucrative prospect, especially for those with uniquely original ideas. Being able to Test your ideas easily, with little overhead expense, is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Some of the other really awesome benefits to having a strictly online business are:

  • You don’t often have to have anyone come to your office to provide certain services for you, related to your online business.
  • Low costs mean higher profits for you; not that you really needed anyone to tell you that, “Right?”
  • Unlike a large corporation, you have the chance to change direction with your business with incredible agility; thus, increasing your chances for survival, should a change of coarse suddenly become necessary.
  • There is lots of enterprise software available online that you can use to aid in the operation of your online business for just pennies a day.

You do want to work at what you love doing, “Right?” So, let’s talk about Scott Fox’s Law of Large Numbers so you get an idea of where the money is coming from.

The Law of Large Numbers is a simple formula that says, “A really small number, multiplied by a really large number, equals a big number.” So, for example, if you have at least one percent of a hundred million people looking at what your offering online, and only one tenth of those folks actually buy what you have to offer, “You’ve just sold your product or service to one-hundred thousand people.” If whatever you are selling is at a price of Ten dollars or more then you’ve got at least a million-dollar business on your hands; still using the figures given in this example.

By the way… Did I mention that there are huge numbers of people online these days; that number growing all the time?

Then there is good old disintermediation. Many times, internet business cuts the middle man right out of the equation. No middle man means lower prices. This means it costs you less to deliver goods and services to your customers; thus giving you the ability to offer said goods and services to your customers at a lower than traditional cost. And, if your honest with yourself, “Who Doesn’t like cheaper prices?”

Have you wanted to be heard? Do you like to write? With your very own online presence; it is easy to publish your own works to a worldwide audience without having to seek approval from a publisher.

If you are getting the strong sense that you really can learn to use the Technology that is available via the internet to earn, even just a little extra cash, “You’d be correct.” You can get the ball rolling by hooking up with an ASP, which is short for, “Application Service Provider.” They are cheap and can be accessed for a low monthly fee. They are pretty accessible too. “And, “Yes,” if you are thinking that web Hosts would fall under this category along with other subscription based products like WordPress, Google Drive and Microsoft’s Office 365 software, “You again would be correct.”

But; before you go shopping for an ASP; keep reading. We’ve still got much more ground to cover before you go whipping out your credit card. “You feel me?”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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