Introduction: Scott Fox’s Internet Riches Book Chapter Summary.

If you’ve been taught that you should work for someone else, “You might want to rethink that.” This is especially true if you are a part of the seventy percent of the blind population here in America who want to work but can’t because business owners fail to see any value in adding us to their work force. Thankfully though we can work for ourselves, and take pride in doing it, because of the low overhead business opportunity that the internet offers us.

Thankfully, too, the internet reaches a much larger audience than any brick and mortar business. This eliminates transportation concerns for anyone who more than likely would have to commute to get to a traditional job; making work online that much more enticing for anyone, “Blind or Sighted.”

It doesn’t matter if you live in everlasting darkness or can clearly see for miles; in reading this summary of Scott Fox’s, “Internet Riches; The Simple Money Making Secrets Of Online Millionaires,” you will discover some basic tips and down to earth ideas as to how you can find a way to start your own online business. This in turn should help you to release your inner entrepreneur; freeing your mind from the chains of the traditional work model.

“True!” The traditional work model is probably great for many. But the kind of narrow minded thinking the traditional work model inspires holds the rest of us back when it comes to earning an honest dollar for ourselves.

As you will discover from reading this summary of Scott Fox’s book; working for yourself is not as hard as you might have been taught. It is also a lot safer than you’ve been lead to believe, too.

Even a person living on Social Security Disability Income can get started working online with little startup capital. This is because owning a website is a lot cheaper than it once was. It is a lot easier and cheaper to use other systems online “today” than it once was, as well.

Sure, there’s a learning curve. However, anything worth having is worth working for.

In reading this summary of Internet Riches you will see just how many doors can open for you simply by looking at your life honestly. This is because Scott Fox’s original work, like this summary, will get your mind working on how to earn money based on those things you already know and love to do.

Please Note: Nothing in this summary or on this site is a Get Rich Quick Scheme. There are no guarantees that you will be successful because of what you’ve found in any book or website; let alone the entirety of Scott Fox’s original work, “Internet Riches.”

However, if you are tired of trying to find work, or, getting hired by people that don’t really want you around, “You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.” So, feel free to continue reading more of Scott Fox’s Internet Riches Book Chapter Summary. You might just be surprised where it takes you.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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