Chapter 9: The Formula Of Success: Volume 4: Robert Collier’s Secret Of The Ages Book Chapter Summary.

Mr. Collier writes to us here that, when it comes to utilizing the formula for success, having a powerful desire to improve our lot in life is a step in the right direction. However, even a burning desire quickly evaporates if we don’t have strong belief in our ability to move forward towards those things we want.

You can do “anything” when you genuinely believe you can. However, without that one-hundred and ten percent belief you will fail. This is because, even though on the surface you might think you can accomplish something, deep down you know you are making a halfhearted attempt.

Many folks attempt to try and dictate to Universal Mind; telling it which channels it should use to send its gifts to them. But the formula for success dictates to us that we must simply impress our desire and faith upon Universal Mind via affirmation and visualization. Then we need to let it determine which channels it will use to assist us in achieving our goals. In short; keep your mind largely focused on the thing you want most (not things) and Universal Mind will send you the ideas and other goodies you will need to get to where you want to be.

Remember, too, that you will be more successful in your endeavors if you are in a cheerful state of mind. You will not be doing your best work while in a negative state of mind. An unhappy worker tends to be a rather unproductive one.

Your environment doesn’t play a role in your success, “you do!” You can remake your environment by changing your attitude towards it.

You do not need the permission of other people to be successful, either. Although some folks might be sent to you via Universal Mind to assist you in achieving your goal; their participation or lack of it doesn’t equate with permission. “Success comes from the inside!” “Approval of other people is not required!”

Of course, you need to believe in yourself. Otherwise all will be lost to you before you even get started along the pathway to your goal. If you can believe in the existence of some form of Divine intervention working in your life than you can believe in yourself, even if you’ve never done anything meaningful up to this point.

Long story short? The formula for success is a three-step process. First you need a burning desire to get something or do something. The second step involves believing one-hundred and ten percent in yourself and that you can do it. The third and final step involves you being able to see yourself doing it or having it.

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