Chapter 13: That Old Witch; Bad Luck: Brian Schnabel’s Robert Collier Secret Of The Ages Summary.

Would you believe that bad luck doesn’t really exist? Well, “It doesn’t!” It’s really just our destructive thoughts that cause conditions of a negative nature to come upon us.

It is fear that really causes sickness. Fear turns hair gray and causes skin to become lined. This happens to our physical body because our body is controlled by our mind.

As far as food goes; we are told by Collier that it doesn’t do anything to us other than what our mind believes it should. Robert says there is no such thing as good or bad with regard to food or anything else.

However, since it is thought that creates good and bad; those things you fear most are created in reality. Of course, if the things we fear are already present in our lives then they will be amplified.

Fear is the primary cause of all physical impairments. But, if you focus your thoughts on prosperity, health and happiness you are on your way to driving out fear along with those physical abnormalities we’d all rather do without.

If you have ever heard the expression, “Be careful of what you ask for,” you will understand how fearful thoughts will trigger negative events. Yup! Some certainly do call these events, “Bad Luck,” but it is really just fear at work in our lives.

“Yeah!” It is true too that you don’t need to constantly focus on the good that you want in life. You can focus on that which you wish to have in your reality intensely for a while. Then kick back and let the matter go with the confidence that Universal Mind (in conjunction with your subconscious mind) will work things out for you.

Remember though; you will need to make an assertive effort to focus on good, should you begin to focus on fear again. Since you can’t think of two things intensely at the same time this will cancel out the fear.

Learn to relax your body from time to time and clear your mind; thinking of nothing. If you must think of something, “Concentrate on your breathing.” This really does help a lot of people when they are feeling overwhelmed by racing thoughts. Concentrating on each breath we take is a simple distraction for many of us and even gives one the opportunity to use breathing to relax the rest of their body, even more.

By the way! There is one more thing that should be mentioned here! After you’ve built up your faith quotient, focused your mind upon what it is that you want with singular purpose and have clearly visualized yourself as already having achieve that which you want, “Make sure you show some gratitude!” Make sure you appreciate what you’ve already been given and that you are thankful for all that you receive from Universal Mind, “Starting Now!”

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